Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've added some questions and answers which we often have to deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us..

1. Click “Authentication & Registration”.
2. In the fields entitled “Registration” enter the required information for first time use, or for already registered members fill in the fields entitled “Authentication”
3. As a new member, once you have registered your information then enter the same information in to the fields under “Authentication”
4.To start creating your business page/ profile when logged on to the dashboard click the “About Us” tab and fill in the required field information, “Category”, Business Name” etc.
5. For sliders and logos click the “Sliders & Logo” tab. Under “Upload Sliders” heading click “Choose File” and add the chosen picture file. Similarly do the same for logo; simply click “Choose File” under the “Upload Logo” heading.

1. Login in to your account
2. Click “Our socials page”
3. Find the required type of social media you wish to link your page with e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.
4. Copy and paste the URL of the social media page.
5. Click “Save”

1. Log in to your account
2. Click “Add new business page”
3. In the field shown in the page enter your chosen name e.g. www.gbcn.co.uk/ukrecycling/aboutus.
4. Click “Check availability”
5. If the title is available click “Save”
6. In the page entitied “About us” fill in the required fields along with a business description

1. Log in to your account
2. Click “Portfolio”
3. Under the “Upload Image” heading click “Choose File” and select the required image.
4. Give a title to the portfolio work.
5. Under the heading “Portfolio Description” give a brief description of the work on this specific project

1. Log in to your account
2. Search for a company using the left-hand navigation bar, click “Business/ Products Catalogue” e.g. Apparel, Textiles & Accessories > Men’s Clothing > Chosen Company > Access Page
3. On the chosen company’s business page click “Add Partner”
4. Wait for the requested partner to accept your invitation.

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is when a Supplier has the ability to ship the product directly to a customer for you after the customer makes the purchase on your website or auction listing. This allows you to sell products from home without ever having to buy a single product yourself. It's a low cost way to start selling products online.

Light Bulk is an order quantity that Wholesalers may give in order to give some sellers a way to buy affordable, smaller quantities of products, but still get wholesale discounts. A typical bulk order (like a Big Retail Store would make) can be thousands of pounds and much more than a smaller business can buy or warehouse. It gives you a low priced entry point on products you want to buy and store yourself at home (along with additional wholesale discounts so you can sell it cheaper or increase your profit margins.)

Middlemen are people/companies claiming to be a real wholesaler but they're not. They pretend to be a Dropshipper or Bulk Wholesaler and then hike up the true wholesale cost of the product. Additionally they almost always charge monthly and/or annual fees. Accidentally setting up a business with a middleman has been the demise of many online businesses. Unfortunately most people who work with middlemen don’t find this out until after they have already spent a lot of money on setup fees, monthly fees and other fee-based middleman scams.

Every buyer wants to find reliable suppliers for their products. However, the Internet is full of scammers who are out to get the most out of unsuspecting buyers. One famous scam that is frequently used is the low price trap. Buyers who fall for this scam will be asked to pay money for products that are never delivered. That's why GBCN always encourages buyers to conduct due diligence before paying suppliers.

Simple Tips to Build Trust with Buyers Buyers choose suppliers that they can trust. Use these simple tips below to build trust with buyers: · Let buyers know that your company is real and legitimate. · Please do not display counterfeit products or products that you don’t currently supply on GBCN. This may lead to disputes that may ruin your company’s reputation on-line · It is not recommended to use Western Union as a payment method. Buyers prefer to use a safer payment method such as L/C, Escrow or PayPal · Buyers prefer to use their own logistics agents to handle transportation and customs-related issues. However, you may also offer advice and recommend a known service if any · Negotiate all transaction details with the buyer. Please save all proof of correspondence including emails and letters (In the event of dispute, the emails or letters might prove useful as evidence)